Bringing Clarity to the Pathology and Progression of  Neurodegeneration

CereMark Pharma is a clinical-stage radiopharmaceutical company focused on developing new and superior imaging tools that enable precision in predicting the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in those individuals presenting with the uncertainty of mild cognitive impairment.

Identifying Tau protein and Beta-Amyloid

AD and CTE are both characterized by the presence of tau protein and beta-amyloid in functional regions of the brain but largely in differing patterns and relative amounts in disease development. Therefore, the specific accumulation patterns and quantities of these proteins vary with the diseases and states of development. To predict the development of these diseases, healthcare professionals need an imaging tool that can help them accurately identify and quantify patterns of both tau protein and beta-amyloid within the brain.

That’s where F-18 Flornaptitril comes in. This novel PET imaging tool shows great promise in helping healthcare professionals predict the progression of neurodegeneration by enabling them to study tau protein and beta-amyloid patterns concurrently in the living brain.

Phase 3 and Beyond

As we head into Phase 3 clinical trials for F-18 Flornaptitril, CereMark Pharma is proud to have partnered with technological leaders, patient advocacy groups, industry associations, academic centers, hospitals and healthcare providers that share our passion for improving the management and care of patients with some of life’s most debilitating neurological diseases. But we’re not done yet!

If you or your company are interested in contributing to our mission of accelerating the discovery, development and access to innovation for new radiopharmaceutical products like F-18 Flornaptitril, or if you wish to discuss how we might collaborate in the development of new treatments for neurodegeneration, let’s talk.