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CereMark Pharma, LLC is a West Virginia Limited Liability Company with headquarters in Wheeling WV and an office in Lexington KY. It is a developmental and clinical stage pharma company that focuses upon neurodegenerative diseases, including early diagnosis and management, as well as preventative, non-invasive management of chronic neurological impairment from events associated with traumatic brain injury.
CereMark Pharma is privately-held with 100% ownership by company founders and officers.
Flornaptitril F-18, our unique PET imaging radiopharmaceutical, is primed for the Phase 3 clinical investigative trial as a tool to better aid prediction of worsening mental impairment in individuals presenting with mild-moderate cognitive status.

Our therapeutic portfolio consists of early stage pre-clinical molecules that have shown to significantly improve the resultant memory loss, physical performance and neuro cellular status from traumatic brain injuries in animal models.

CereMark’s products are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical investigational new drug studies and are not yet approved for human use.

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