CereMark Pharma's innovative research and development focuses today on better detection and management of neurodegenerative diseases of tomorrow. 

CereMark Pharma is pleased to be affiliated with ProPhos NeuroScience, LLC, an early-stage research company that is developing innovative compounds as potential neurotherapeutics that block initial injury effects at the brain cellular level to prevent the damaging neurological cascade which can occur following brain trauma impacts or that happen in the course of neurodegenerative diseases. By targeting the primary source of initial brain injury, we anticipate blocking the brain’s pathological processes to prevent or limit the progressive form of neurodegeneration leading to the dementia syndromes including CTE and diseases that follow this form of neurotoxicity. ProPhos NeuroScience researchers have identified both in laboratory models and well as human CTE brains, a common pathway which is promising as a targetable mechanism to intervene earlier before irreversible neurological damage can occur or progress and worsen.

CereMark’s products are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical investigational new drug studies and are not yet approved for human use.

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