Collaborators & Investors

CereMark Pharma™ LLC is building the leading molecular imaging company for degenerative neurological diseases that involve neuro proteinopathies (tau and beta amyloid) by leveraging the considerable strengths of our internal team with that of like-minded medical, academic and biopharmaceutical collaborators. Our significant scientific, medical and regulatory expertise, combined with our openness to creative collaboration, make CereMark Pharma™ LLC an ideal partner for organizations that share our enthusiasm for innovation and improved therapeutic and diagnostic options for patients who suffer the consequences of neurodegeneration and debilitating brain injury. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate in the development of our new, investigational drug products in diseases of neurodegenerative impairment involving tauopathies and/or beta amyloid plaque.

CereMark Pharm Collaborators & Investors

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Scientific, Medical, and Regulatory Expertise

Our Goal:
Early Detection for Prevention

Developing new molecules to aid in detecting neurodegenerative diseases and enabling early treatment.

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CereMark’s products are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical investigational new drug studies and are not yet approved for human use.

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